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I.Introduction to Motivation
Motivation is the inner state that causes an individual to behave in a way that ensures the accomplishment of some goal. In other word, motivation explains why people act as they do. The better a manager understands organization members’ behavior, the more able that manager will be to influence subordinates’ behavior to make it more consistent with the accomplishment of organizational objectives. Because productivity is a result of the behavior of organizational members, motivating organizational members is the key to reaching organizational goals.

II.Motivation Concepts

McClelland’s Acquired Needs Theory
Job Design
Monetary Incentives

III.McClelland’s Acquired Needs Theory
a)McClelland's Acquired Needs Theory focuses on needs people acquire that are shaped by their experiences over time. b)Importance
1.Need for Achievement (nAch)
Driven by a desire to excel.
Set goals and seek projects that have a moderate level of risk. 2.Need for Power (nPow)
Driven by a desire to have authority over and responsibility for others. •Seek advancement and increasing levels of responsibility. 3.Need for Affiliation (nAff)
Driven by a desire to have close relationships and be part of a team. •They avoid conflict and risk to ensure they continue to be accepted by the group.
c)Real Life (Shift Supervisor Prison System)
Shift supervisors working for the Texas prison system are responsible for ensuring the safe operation of prisons from day to day. One of the challenges facing shift supervisors is managing a large number of employees. I directly supervised 62 employees, and had limited time for one on one interaction. I was not able to give bonuses or merit pay raises. Under the circumstances, motivating employees was difficult.

I made an effort to learn what types of assignments employees enjoyed most, what groups of employees enjoyed working together, and what types of tasks employees were best...
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