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Motivation is the driving force that is applied in an organisation to assist in the achievement of the laid goals (accel-team: 2010). Motivation in the workplace aims at triggering human behavior and their need to work. Relatively, it is a process by which people seek to satisfy their basic drives and it is what drives production in the work place.

Basic model of motivation

In his book ‘management theory and practice’, Cole has outlined the basic model of motivation (Cole: 2004 30-31) He explains that the basic motivation is achieved by either physical or social rise to a certain response or behavior. The outcome can be either satisfying or not. However where satisfaction is not achieved, frustration is experienced. In most cases, the opportunity to perform important work or duty that gives a personal satisfaction gives a feeling of accomplishment.

• The main needs and expectations to be taken into account when considering the motivation of people at work.

There are various needs and motivation that should be taken into account by the Human Resource Managers in the considerations for motivation of the people in the workplace.

Linking pay to performance: According to Gregory : 2003, Linking pay to performance is the practice that is undertaken by mangers in recognizing the top performers and rewarding them according to their work. Organisations should reward their employees according to achievement Gregory:2003. Payment should be linked to the performance as a reward that will motivate the employee due to an achievement of the set goals. According to the Gregory:2003 , this practice is fair and motivates the employers and increases their level of productivity.

Applauding the performers: Just as there is praise in every achievement, managers should always let the employees be aware of how much they are appreciated in their efforts in the work that they do. This should be expressed on an individual basis where the effort is done individually and in a group if the wok was done by the group. This goes along way in motivating the employees and increases productivity in the workplace.

payment and benefits equitablility: Employee’s benefits and payments should be considered equitably. This means that every decision of whether or not to award benefits and payments should be fairly distributed. Employee’s motivation decreases with negative news such as ‘no pay this season’ with positive news such as pay increase motivating them positively (Gregory: 2003). Managers should take their time in making explanation of any negative news as this can affect the performance of the employees. In this case honesty plays a key role here in ensuring that the workers are satisfied Threats: In today’s economic downturns, high unemployment rate is being experienced globally. Managers should not apply threats to the employee’s job security as this demotivates them. According to Gregory: 2003, Words like “you are lucky to have this job” do not satisfy the need for achievement on an employee. Employee’s network: Employees on the other hand should express their need for motivation. They should look outside their organisation and test whether they are awarded better service. It is by networking with other employees that they realize that they can find better working terms outside. In addition to that, they might realize that their current job isn't that bad. This is a source of motivation to work hard and achieve their set goals. In conclusion, motivation encourages workers to achieve their goals and give them a reason to satisfy their needs. These goals can be the ones set by the company or their individual goals.

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