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An issue which usually generates a great deal of attention from most managers, administrators and those involved in Human Resources Management is the issue of how to successfully motivate employee. While it is true that aspects like staff recruitment, controlling, managing, leading, and many more are of great importance to the success of an organization, Employee Motivation is generally considered a core element in running a successful business. Either negatively or positively, your life on earth is about accomplishments. defines accomplishment as "an act or instance of carrying into effect a deed or achievement." Your life is a mixture of the accomplishment twins, accomplishment and lack of accomplishment. What determines which one the twins are most powerful in your life? I believe its ability, motivation and attitude. Ability

Ability is being able to do something. It's a God-given trait giving you the potential to excel, maybe as an athlete, carpenter, teacher or whatever. If you're doing what your ability is, it flows from you. The flow feels good, and you never want it to stop. Something inside stokes your inner furnace, and the flame burns steady, as long as you're exercising your potential to excel. The degree, to which you pursue the feeling of that flow, depends on your motivation. Motivation

No ability comes complete. The potential is there, but it's raw. It's motivation that drives you to look for ways to fine-tune that potential. Motivation urges you to leap on the learning curve, and endure the growing pains. You keep a pen and paper on your bedside stand, because motivation tends to wake you in the middle of the night. When it does you write down the thought that's blinking like a neon sign, in your racing mind. Maybe, it's the next step to take on the learning curve, maybe it's which one of those three people you should call for an interview, maybe this or maybe that. As long as you keep responding, motivation will continue to direct you in the way to respond. Along with an idea log, keep a motivation log. Daily, jot down the reasons for your excitement, write down what you visualize when you're excited. Write it in such a manner that you get excited, when you read it. Attitude

An attitude is your mind's response, to going where your ability and motivation strive to take you. You can control your mind's response, but will you. Attitudes usually come from feelings, and feelings are fickle you can't always believe them. Attitudes, initiated by fickle feelings lead to negative attitudes, and you can let them get you down, or you can rise above them. The fact is; generally, a negative attitude doesn't expose itself when you're involved in the learning curve. It appears when there's a lull in your progression. Maybe you're tired, maybe you've reached a spot where you need to find untapped potential, within yourself. Whenever it is, a negative attitude always makes an appearance. It begins in your mind, usually as doubt, and you must stop it there, because the next step for negative attitude is your heart. If it reaches your heart it's pumped throughout your entire body, then you're generally defeated. This is a crucial time, but if you strong-arm a negative attitude the first time, you've probably won the war. Battle's may occasionally arise, but you know how to win. Usually, to defeat a negative attitude go get your motivation log, and read it. Read it aloud if necessary, stand in front of a mirror and read it, occasionally look at you. Re-visualize where you've been before. Repeat the above, until the negative attitude is gone. It will go.

Statement of the Problem
This paper attempts to discover the most important theories and approaches behind employee motivation, present different types of motivation, discuss their importance and provide recommendations and solutions to solving problems of de-motivated or unmotivated employees. The Nature and Importance of Motivation...
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