Mcdonaldization of Education

Topics: Education, Learning, History of education Pages: 4 (1082 words) Published: March 14, 2005
Despite the changing times, education remains a cornerstone for society . Technology advances, the economy fluctuates, and politics change, but education remains something seen as, not only important but imperative for personal and social growth. Yet, as important as it is touted to be, the quality and purpose of learning is often lost in the assembly-line, manufactured process of education that exists today.

In a highly structured and economics-driven world, the educational system may be viewed as a machine designed to churn out future workers and employees. Like the fast-food industry, education has been standardized in an attempt to provide the comforts of efficiency, calculability, predictability, and control. In our aptly named McDonaldized society, aspects as important as quality are sacrificed in lieu of speed and profit. As far as education is concerned, however, this attempt to systemize and order something as complex as learning proves futile and detrimental to the basic tenet of enlightenment.

The standardization of the learning process proposes a simplified, singular approach to providing education to those who can afford it. Limiting material provided and lessons taught, tests, grading, function to create an easily controlled system. "Education" has been transformed and has come to connote "the transmission from a central source of knowledge to passive recipients" (McClellan. Online). However, the question remains whether this definition can actually suffice. The futility of a packaged education is put into context when it is realized that "meaningful learning, deep knowledge, collective wisdom and innovative action do not come from slick, pre-packaged course materials and efficient one-way transmission of information" but rather through the more complex idea called learning (McClellan. Online).

Unfortunately, the purpose of the education system, as seen in most institutions of higher education, is in fact to instill in...

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