Matriculation Speech

Topics: University, Tertiary education, Education Pages: 3 (915 words) Published: October 28, 2013
Mr Chairman, the president of this prestigious tertiary institution, invited guests, teaching and non-teaching staff, beloved parents and guardians, fellow students, ladies and gentlemen, ayekoo and good morning to you all. To every event there is a time and to the time, a purpose. It is with a cachet of immeasurable size that I present an audible on behalf of the green horns of this academic year for which we have this convocation for the purpose of matriculation. Indeed Odomankoma himself handpicked us from the grain of applicant to enjoy the GTUC experience and I must emphasize that we are privileged. As a new addition to the academic fold we come not riding in heights of presumption, disobedience and insubordination but in the depth of humility, eagerness to learn, discipline and perseverance guided by the winds of common sense, reason and sound judgement for the challenge ahead. Again it is my pleasure to welcome you all to your university; Ghana Technology University College. Every year in the late September, the energy flows back into tertiary institutions as students fill and refill residences to prepare for their first day of class but fortunately for us, we ended up in this blessing of Ghana Technology University College. Our short experience here, has unlocked a great deal of encouragement and excitement. It is quite obvious that most of you parents enrolled your wards here because they were refused admission into the public tertiary institutions and even if they were admitted, given program choices that were out of line of your ward’s interest and the other majority also enrolled either to further their education or top-up. Your excellencies, the Ghana Technology University College has distinguished itself in all spheres of academia and continues to charter new paths in the acquisition of practical knowledge. Our short stay here again, has revealed to us the unrivalled conditions of study that make our struggle to study here worthwhile. The...
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