maslow theory of motivation

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Abraham Maslow is considered to be the father of Humanistic Psychology,also known as the "Third Force". Humanistic Psychology incorporatesaspects of both Behavioral Psychology and Psychoanalytic Psychology. Behaviorists believe that human behavior is controlled by external environmentalfactors. Psychoanalytic Psychology is based on the idea that human behavior iscontrolled by internal unconscious forces. Though he studied both Behavioraland Psychoanalytic Psychologies, Maslow rejected the idea that human behavior iscontrolled by only internal or external forces. Instead, Maslow's motivationthrory states that man's behavior is controlled by both internal and externalfactors. In addition he emphasizes that humans have the unique ability to makechoices and excercise free-will.

Maslow presents a hierarchy of needs which can be divided into basic needsand growth needs. One must satisfy lower level basic needs before progressingon to meet higher level growth needs. Once these needs have been reasonablysatisfied, one may be able to reach the highest level called self-actualization.

Physiological Needs
Notice that the physiological needs are the foundation of the pyramid. Why do you suppose these needs occupy this position?Maslow suggested that the fi rst and most basic need people have is the need for survival: their physiological requirements for food, water, and shelter. People must have food to eat, water to drink, and a place to call home before they can think about anything else. If any of these physiological necessities is missing, people are motivated above all else to meet the missing need. Have you ever had a hard time paying attention to what the professor is saying when you are hungry? Some of your future students may not have had breakfast—or even dinner the night before. Free and reduced breakfast and lunch programs have been implemented in schools to help students meet some of their physiological needs. Safety and Security Needs

After their...
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