Marketing Plan with SWOT Analysis for Trine University Project

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Knowledge is the most significant economic and social force of the 21st century, and higher education will see its importance and influence to grow in the coming decades. At the same time, as in other industries and sectors, extraordinary, rapid change has become a constant for institutions of higher education. This dynamic environment provides challenges and opportunities as well, which is why Trine University’s Marketing 303 class has spent the last eight weeks putting together a comprehensive marketing plan process to examine a variety of marketing and enrollment issues facing Trine University’s outreach campuses.

Since its beginning in 1884 in Angola, Indiana, Trine University has experienced significant periods of growth and change while preparing students for career success. While this growth and change mainly took place at the University’s main campus, it is now entering a new phase of growth and change. This growth and change is happening with Trine University’s outreach campuses.

Trine University’s mission for the outreach campuses is “to provide accessible educational opportunities that are responsive to the needs of today's diverse population and lead to meaningful careers and lifelong learning. To accomplish our mission, we have set forth the following goals:

Acquire our own learning facility
Higher enrollment rate
Promote associates, bachelors, and master degrees to spark more interest in attending the campus Add new degrees to current programs
Offer tuition discounts and incentives
Make scheduling classes easier and more available
Reach out to individuals and employers in the community wishing to better their education Achieve top school ranking in community

To guide and later help assess the marketing plan and its effectiveness, the Marketing 303 class produced a SWOT analysis to help provide direction and serve as a basis for the development of a marketing plan which promotes Trine University’s outreach campuses. We hope to accomplish this by assessing what we perceive to be the University’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats related to achieving these strategies. A section with these results is presented later in the marketing plan in its entirety, but a few comments are listed below.

Trine University views undergraduate education as central to its mission and will ensure an environment of learning excellence in order to educate a diverse body of students to be productive, contributing members of society. To sustain Trine University’s reputation of overall excellence in selected areas of graduate and professional education, resources will be focused on creating and strengthening areas of graduate study in a manner that is responsive to regional needs. To promote the recruitment, retention, and success of its students, Trine University will provide an environment rich in human diversity, with dedicated support services, in an outstanding instructional facilities. Trine University will create an empowered group of diverse, unified, committed and motivated employees who will focus their collective skills, talents, and knowledge toward realization of the university’s mission and vision. Trine University believes that continuous planning and evaluation are needed to effectively chart the future of the university outreach campuses, and therefore will increase its self-assessment. Trine University will secure, allocate or redirect human, physical and financial resources in a manner that enhances the university’s mission and vision.

The two initial targets for Trine University will be high school students and students looking to pursue their bachelor degree that already has associates. Priority, however, will be given to high school students because we will be able to reach out to them since they will be starting their degree from fresh.

Gone are the days when marketing and communication offices can control the content produced about...
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