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Swinbune University of Technology|
SPSS Marketing Research Assignment|
Swinburne University|

Using various techniques with the SPSS program and the university database given, the marketing problem of trying to enhance the Higher Education students of Swinburne University in the Hawthorn campus was analysed. |

Group members:
Geng, Guanyu1763067
Li, Frances6947972
Steven, Samuel7221983
Sun, Yiqi7235410

Subject code: HBM221N
Subject title: Marketing Research
Tutor: Bopha Roden

Marketing Problem1
Research Objectives1
Target Market1
Research Design2
Survey Research2
Errors in survey research2
Structure of questions3
Main Findings4
Objective 1: To understand students’ reasons for choosing Swinburne and other universities that they seriously considered (Q2a, 2b and 3)4
Question 2a: The main reason why the students chose to study at Swinburne4
Question 2b: The other reasons why the student chose to studying at Swinburne University7
Question 3: Other universities that the students considered8
Objective 2: To understand the image of Swinburne compared to Monash9
Objective 3:To understand students’ attitudes to universities9
Objective 4: To understand students’ attitudes to studying (Q1b, 7 and 8)12
Question 8: I don’t care what marks I get, as long as I pass, I’m happy12
Question 1b: Level of Happiness13
Question 7: I never try to miss a class at university17
List of References20


A sample of 532 Higher Education Swinburne students of the Hawthorn campus were interviewed using the questionnaire given in tutorials with the main objectives to understand students’ reasons for choosing Swinburne and other universities that they had considered, to understand the perception of what Swinburne students had of their university as compared to Monash University, to understand students’ attitudes to universities and their attitudes towards studying. This exploratory research was done to gain an understanding of the students at Hawthorn as to understand whether there were any issues with their level of happiness at university etc., and whether it would affect their grades. Studies have shown that there are differences between local and international students with regards to their experiences at university (Mullins et al, 2006), which relates to their stress and happiness levels. Therefore the type of approach may vary towards the different types of students. Different tactics may need to be developed for international students that have just arrived in Australia, for studies have shown that first year international students (Burns, 2006) seem to as find it harder than their local counterparts. Therefore specialised methods may need to be developed for the students to feel more welcome in a country that they would be calling home for a while. Using the numbers obtained through the database and SPSS, graphs such as the t-test, chi-test, crosstabs etc., were used to further analyse the numbers from the questionnaires and were used to analyse as to whether there were any relationships or differences with the variables tested. Marketing Problem

A marketing problem definition indicates a specific marketing decision to be clarified or problem to be solved (William G, 2011). It also specifies research questions to be answered and the objectives of research. The marketing problem defined for this research topic is that the students are showing a sign of unhappiness in their courses and the research was done to gain an understanding as to what approach might need to be taken to satisfy the higher education students of Swinburne University of the Hawthorn campus. Research Objectives

1. To understand students’ reasons for choosing Swinburne and other unis they seriously considered; (Q2a,b and Q3) 2. To understand the image of Swinburne compared to...

References: Burns, R. (1991). Study and Stress among First Year Overseas Students in an Australian University. Higher Education Research & Development. 10 (1), 61-77.
Mullins G, Quintrell N, Hancock L. (1995). The experiences of International and Local Students at Three Australian Universities. Higher Education . 14 (2), 201-231.
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