Managing People Motivation

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Managing People Motivation
Human resources are the Heart and soul of the organization. It is important that you should manage them effectively to optimize the full utilization of their talents. It is not enough to attract and retain talented people, you should motivate them to use their talents. Keeping an employee working at full potential is the ultimate goal of employee motivation.

The employment contract provides a symbolic relationship between employers and employees. Employers expect employees to work hard, committed to the values of the organization, loyal and dependable, keep the work standards set by management, observe the rules and regulations and provide output in terms of product or services that are of good quality. Employees, on other hand that they should be rewarded well and equitably, treated fair and humanely, provide opportunities for career development and promotion given work that suits their abilities and have a happy and safe working environment.

The success of the business is largely dependent upon the ability of the managers to motivate workers to achieve the high results. Managing people motivation is a must. Definition of Motivation
Motivation is the internal condition that activates behavior and gives it direction; energizes and directs goal-oriented behavior.
Motivation Helps explain why people do the things they doo. Understandin motivation is a major concern f all managers. History of Motivation
The oldest technique used to motivate others is known today as the Carrot and Stick method. The name evolved from the stubbornness of the donkeys that could only be moved by taunting them with carrots. Early managers regularly offered economic “carrots” to entice people to work harder. This theory created misconception that money always motivated people to work harder. The awakening field of psychology was looking for a new way to motivate people, and n short time, managers would begin looking for psychologist for new methods...
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