Management Motivation

Topics: Motivation, Expectancy theory, Employment Pages: 3 (948 words) Published: August 11, 2013
Motivation is commonly used as a way to improve business performances through their employees in order to increase their productivity and contribution for the business. Motivation is defined as a theory of set of internal and external forces which encourage and inspire people to improve their performance to achieve the organization goals. (Williams, C., & McWilliams, A 2010). There is one theory inside motivation to increase employees performance rate, which is expectancy theory, expectancy theory is a theory where as employees think that if they are giving good performance for the business, their effort will be rewarded an attractive rewards. Expectancy theory is believed that it can be used to motivate employees to do their job and provide a good performance for the business. Discussion

1. Basic Model of motivation
There are four basic model of motivation, such as; effort and performance, needs satisfaction, extrinsic and intrinsic rewards, and motivating. 1.1 Effort and performance
Effort and performance are related through some basic structure whereas effort is done through initiation, direction and persistence, through that stages it will leads to performance. Job performance is commonly represented with an equation; Job Performance = Motivation x Ability x Situational Constraints. In that equation job performance is the progress of employee in doing the requirements of the task given. The job performance will be greatly affected if one of these components above (Motivation, Ability, and Situational Constraints) is weak. Motivation will not create high performance if the employee only have little ability and high situational constraints. 2.2 Need Satisfaction

Needs is the physical or psychological requirements that need to be met to make sure survival. In order to know what leads to employees’ effort, first thing to do is to determine what the employee needs are. People are commonly be motivated by an unmet needs, but once the...
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