Management and Motivation System

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Comparative analysis of employee motivation system and job design of two private sector companies. Employee Motivation:
“Employee motivation is a reflection of the level of energy, commitment, and creativity that a company's workers bring to their jobs.”

Why is employee motivation important?
You can have a lovely shiny car, but it’s worthless if it doesn’t have the power of a great engine behind it. Your employees are the engines of your organization and like any finely tuned engine your workforce to operate smoothly and effectively. The fact is employee motivation is directly linked to business profits, and the more self-motivated your employees are, the more differentiated and successful you will be as a business.

• Motivated employees look for better ways to do a job.
•Motivated employees care about their customers
• Motivated employees take pride in their work.
• Motivated workers are more productive.

Employee Motivation Techniques
Motivating employees is an important skill for supervisors, managers, and business owners to have. When developing motivation plans, it is important to recognize the individual differences among employees and realize that not all motivation techniques will work for everyone. Each employee must be evaluated to determine what motivates them the most. Below are several ideas for motivating employees and preventing job boredom or job overload. Employee Motivation through Flextime

Flextime allows employees to choose their own work schedule, to a certain extent. For example, if the office is open from 8am until 9pm, the employees can come in at any time during that period to complete their 8 hour. Employee Motivation through Job Sharing

This is a less common method, but very effective at preventing boredom. It allows 2 employees to share 2 different jobs. They could alternate days or weeks, working 20 hours in each position each week. Employee Motivation through Employee Involvement

People want to feel like they are a part of something. Letting the employees be more active in the decision-making related to their job makes them feel valued and important to the company and increases job motivation. Employee Motivation through Variable-Pay Programs

Merit-based pay, bonuses, gain sharing, and stock ownership plans are all great motivators for employees. However, don’t just give them out. Offer them as an incentive or reward for outstanding performance Job Design:

Work arrangement (or rearrangement) aimed at reducing or overcoming job dissatisfaction and employee alienation arising from repetitive and mechanistic tasks. Through job design, organizations try to raise productivity levels by offering non-monetary rewards such as greater satisfaction from a sense of personal achievement in meeting the increased challenge and responsibility of one's work. Job enlargement, job enrichment, job rotation, and job simplification are the various techniques used in a job design exercise. Importance of Job Design:

Job design is a very important function of staffing. If the jobs are designed properly, then highly efficient managers will join the organization. They will be motivated to improve the productivity and profitability of the organization. However, if the jobs are designed badly, then it will result in absenteeism, high labor turnover, conflicts, and other labor problems.

Motivating through Job Design:
Jobs are often designed in a way that encourages specialization. Work is divided into specific tasks, with the employee assigned to each task becoming very skilled, accurate and efficient at performing it. However, an often overlooked problem with specialization is that it generally has a negative impact on...
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