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Magallanes is known for resorts like BUKAL – BUKALAN bukal – bukalan ave a 2 different pool for keddies and for adults and bukal – bukalan have entrance worth 5 – 10 for keddies and 10 – above for adults and bukal – bukalan is also known for its many cottages…..

Magallanes is part of Bicol in Sorsogon.Magallanes is known for a hidden province but it has different beauties of nature like…………………..

Bihia is a mountain and known for their Santa Lourdes a saint. Mt. CARMEL CHURCH is a house of jesus and other saints it is the center church of Magallanes more people praying here at Sunday and in special days the people having a wedding here ,having Binyag ,kompil,kompisal,and death mass…..

Parola is a white sand beach it is a mother nature and home for fishes and animal it has a beautiful corals and fishes also the people coming to magallanes and fist visits PAROLA…… The people believe that this shaped ship is came from the Spaniards when one of their biggest ship sink in the deep sea and the day pass by and one day they so a ship shaped iland………..Balagting is known for its huge plantation of bananas and coconuts and for its very cool color green ………………….

Municipal of magallanes this is where the governments having a meeting and this is where the center of the place and the programs shows happens here………..

Santa Lourdes is placed on the mountain of behia you must steps many stairs before you see the true beauty of santa Lourdes ………………..
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