Low Motivation

Topics: Motivation, Employment, Management Pages: 4 (1332 words) Published: August 12, 2013
With financial crisis sweeping across the world, many companies have recognized that low employee motivation has become a crucial issue all over the world. This essay will discuss through its causes, effects and solutions in order to analyse low employee motivation. Argyle (1972, p.84) indicates that there are several reasons why motivation can be excavated from the intrinsic side, for instance the employees maybe enjoying in the job itself, they are probably obtaining the opportunities to make self achievement and recognition, they might be simply working for self-image, or they could feel that the job they are doing is “worthwhile” dedicating or loyalty issue. These theories are discovered by managers and social scientists during the recent years. In fact, the employees' motivation has always been fluctuating, but the overall trend is that according to the experiences, people are able to utilize several appropriate approaches to maintain it into a positive and high level, because all of these factors, no matter intrinsic motivation or extrinsic motivation, have direct relationships with human nature. This is why many companies are implementing the so called “People Oriented” operational strategy. The problem of low employee motivation is a vital issue for a company, although the company itself might be largely blamed for the causes of low employee motivation, but its consequences can affect both the company as a whole and its individual employees. If the problems cannot be solved, the organization will be tracked into a tragic cycle, and moreover it could be destroyed. In fact, all these negative effects can be solved in many ways. This essay will discuss in depth about what the causes and effects of low employee motivation are and how they could be solved.

1 Causes
1.1 Company Causes

Firstly, different employees who work in different workplace have a variety of reasons for low employee motivation. Because of the close relationship with its...
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