Lord of the Flies Character Motivation Essay

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Tyler Rogers
Honors English II
Character Motivation
Piggy is motivated by the desire, or envy, to create a society like the one they previously lived in. Piggy himself may not have been able to accomplish his goal of creating a society like the one they used to live in, but with the help of Ralph, together they had some sort of influence over the boys.

Piggy was one out of the two main characters that desired a civilized society (the other being Ralph.) Piggy was the smartest out of the group of boys, therefore making him a fine candidate to take over the group, but his being weak and fat contradicted that. Piggy also held onto a piece of the society he once lived in: his glasses. Piggy’s glasses were not only a symbol of their previous society, but also a symbol of insight. Piggy’s glasses made him seem even wiser than he already was, making Piggy himself also a symbol of insight for their once lost society.

Piggy helped to rebuild their society by being Ralph’s ‘Right Hand Man.’ Piggy would voice his thoughts and opinions to Ralph, more or less acting like a vice president of some sort. That being said, Piggy’s ideas were not bad whatsoever, but he could not be the leader himself because of his physical situation (fat and weak.)

The final blow to Piggy’s idea of a civilized society was when the group of hunters stole Piggy’s glasses, not only taking his link to his past life, but also the ability to make fire, allowing the hunters to be able to make their own signal fire, if they ever chose to, and cook meats using a fire. Unfortunately, Piggy did not live to return to regular society with the rest of the boys.
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