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I appreciate the opportunity given me to provide in-depth and background information of my application for admission to the master program in ………….. your well esteemed university. The scope of ………………has gained international recognition and many scientists and politicians have identified the essence of introducing modern and sustainable ways of managing our already depleting natural resources to help meet food supply and at the same time preserve the ecosystem.

The international orientation of this course is what has attracted and resonated with my career aspirations. Thus the promise of global career opportunities, the chance to broaden my horizons and the opportunity to contribute to the development of food supply in my country and Africa as a whole at the same time sustaining the environment.

I strongly believe that gaining experience abroad is one of the opportunities that have the most potential to define one’s character. It teaches flexibility, adaptability, patience and the intangible but priceless social skills that will prove essential in any aspect of life. I have spent six (6) years pursuing higher education at various levels in agricultural science at the……… University. Three years as a candidate in diploma and the subsequent three (3) years in Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural science. In all these years of studies, I learned so much from lecturers and peers but more importantly a great deal of about identification of my own strengths, weaknesses and aspirations.

With my vast professional knowledge in fisheries research, my desire is to go a step further to study for a higher degree in the area of fisheries so that I will be well equipped for the challenges ahead.

Earning a master’s degree could be an ideal vehicle to fulfill my goals and I believe the training and academic experiences offered by ……….. University are perfect match for career goals. With my academic and career experience, I believe I can make a good student...
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