Leadership: Motivation and Friedman

Topics: Motivation, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Motivational theories Pages: 3 (810 words) Published: March 15, 2014
Question #1: Which University of Iowa, Michigan, and Ohio State leadership style does Art Friedman use? Is there more than one? Art uses the democratic, high employee centered, and low structure high consideration leadership styles.

Friedman meets the criteria for all three of the leadership behaviors listed above by allowing employees to make decisions that will impact the company, meeting their personal needs, and communicating with them to develop trust, support, and respect, while keeping their best welfare in mind.   He allows his employee’s the ability to create their own schedules, view the company as their own, determine their pay, and shows his trust, by allowing them to borrow money from the petty cash system when needed.    

  Question #2: Which specific motivation level, factor, and need (from the content motivation theories) apply to Friedman Microwave Ovens?

Franchisee are on the self-actualization Hierarchy of needs level, Art uses motivators (two-factor theory) , and Art gives franchisees power to achieve high levels of success (acquired need theory).

He believed that his employees were not motivated, so he implemented changes.   He has provided an environment that motivates his employees by allowing them to determine their own wages, fringe benefits (when they take time off), and creating their own work schedules.   He also gives them the ability to provide their own job security and working conditions, based on their ability to manage their own work, hours, and time off.   Friedman’s techniques for motivating his employees created an increase in their productivity to earn the raises the employees deemed fit for themselves.   He did not experience a problem with under or overstaffing, and has indicated “It did work, it still works, and it will always work!”  

Question #3: Do equity and expectancy theory apply to this case? Explain. Yes, franchisees are treated equitably as they are their own boss and earnings are based on...
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