Kill and Big American Holiday

Topics: Kill, White Horse, Killing vector field Pages: 2 (745 words) Published: April 28, 2013

By: Alvarez Enriquez

The story happened on July 4th in a city with a parade of people. It was a happy day for everybody because they are celebrating the big American Holiday. Among the crowd was Alih, a Moro who was then looking for his brother, Omar. That day was intended for them to fulfill their plan. Their plan is to kill these people.

So Alih waited for his brother, he went out of the crown and sat under the Balete tree. While he was sitting and looking at the parade, he remembered his past, his childhood and his growing years where he met the women whom he wished and longed for and he remembered his mission. That is---to kill the people. But people can't notice them as Moros because they were in disguise.

When he saw a man riding a horse and controlling the crowd, he remembered how much he longed for a horse for himself. He recalled when his brother punished him because he spent his earnings just to ride in a merry - go- round. He wanted to ride on a wooden horse because he saw the girl whom he liked most and her name was Lucy. Lucy was the girl who lived in the reservation area where the Americans live. Moros were not allowed to enter that vicinity. But because he needs to go to school, he cross the river and reached the reservation area. There he saw the first girl he liked. Though, they were not given the chance to see and talk to each other since then.

When he grew up, Omar told him about how the American soldiers killed their father without any reason. Their father was known and respected in their village. With these, Omar taught him to be brave and be able to fight against these people because he believes that only by killing could they wash away their shame. He taught him words to live by and beliefs to be respected and attained.

As he grew into a mature individual, he met another woman named Fermina. Fermina was a beautiful bar maid with a mole near her mouth. He likes her so much but the...
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