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Christopher Nguyen
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Assignment #1
How I Shall Motivate and Retain my Technology Team

How I Shall Motivate and Retain my Technology Team

When it comes to working with the same employee’s for a certain period, things can go from flawless to dissension in just a matter of time. There are a variety of reasons behind dissension, but “According to strategic planning consultants, 88% of employees leave their jobs for reasons other than pay; While 70% of managers think employees leave for pay-related reasons” (Yazinski, 2009). When this obstacle arises, it can lead to conflict within the organization, missed deadlines, losing customers, loss of trust between upper and lower level staff, employees seeking new jobs due to unhappiness etc. which may result to major setbacks for the company. I have proposed seven strategies that can resolve these issues and prevent future conflicts. These strategies are….

1. Making sure the Work Environment is presentable
2. That the Management Team is filled with leaders who know how to keep the organization and the employees satisfied 3. Building Job Satisfaction by adhering to employees when possible 4. Creating Flexibility by allowing job sharing, telecommuting or even compressed work weeks 5. Implementing a Rewards System for employees

6. Constructing Empowerment by displaying trust within the workforce 7. Redesigning Jobs by utilizing job rotation, enlargement, etc. If these strategies are implemented correctly, it can enhance the motivation and retaining of employees within an organization by developing loyalty and growth. I will provide a brief overview of how these strategies can help motivate and retain my technology team by discussing each strategy in more detail.

Work Environment
The work environment plays a major role to ensure the technology team stays motivated and committed to the organization. To maintain a healthy work environment, management should understand what makes their employees tick. “Finding out what makes your employees work hard like responding to achievement of team goals, or verbal praise every so often” (Doerhoff, 2011). Another technique is to be available for your staff; being able to manage time for the job and employees can show dedication and empathy towards the workforce. Achieving this correctly will result into two factors. Feedback from workers which will help determine “what can be done to boost their motivation and make them a standout team member” ” (Doerhoff, 2011) and “employees tend to mimic what they see other people in the office doing” (Doerhoff, 2011). To ensure that the work environment is at its best, the organization must hire leaders that know how to take charge and motivate. This is related to the Management Team, which is the next strategy I would implement to help create unity within the organization.

Management Team
When it comes to creating loyalty and growth, the organization must ensure that the correct management team is in charge. To find out if the correct person is in charge, one must have the qualities that can motivate the employees to want to work hard for the business and stay committed for the long haul. Some of these traits are good mentoring, communication and instilling a positive culture. Mentoring can play a huge role because “if a mentoring program integrated with a goal-oriented feedback system provides a structured mechanism for developing strong relationships within an organization and is a solid foundation for employee retention and growth” (Yazinski, 2009). To utilize this quality properly, the organization should pair a more experienced employee with a less experienced worker in the similar area having the goal to develop specific competencies such as designing a career development plan and providing performance feedback. The next trait is to use communication to help build credibility. To achieve this, the business must display active...

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