Job Motivation Differnce Ampong Male and Female Employees

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Introduction to Motivation
There are countless books, seminars, and videos on the subject of motivation, particularly with regard to motivating employees. As businesses continue to try to find ways to squeeze more and more productivity out of a shrinking number of workers, motivating those employees is a critical factor in the business' success. Being in a management position is not easy, and not always fun. The position comes with much responsibility and can prove very stressful. Holding a management position often means you are put in charge of large numbers of people, all with different attitudes, moods and dispositions; whose performance you are held accountable for. That is the bad news. The good news is even if things are not optimal; you can do something about it. Learn to motivate your employee's and you can turn things around for everyone. You may be thinking that the change needs to come from the individuals when really the change begins with you. Being in a management position by default makes you a leader. Others are looking to you for guidance and support. You must rise to the occasion.

Your management style can greatly improve the general attitude in the workplace. Positive messages coming from you as a manager will go a long way towards improving your productivity and the work performance of your employees. As a manager the small ways you interact with the workforce everyday greatly impacts how they carry out their duties as individuals. So may be you have not been so positive in the past, it's never too late to change. Start anew. Start with you.

Women and men holding managerial posts do not differ in the way they rate individual motivation factors, an analysis of motivation according to superiority in the workplace reveals. Gender differences were found only among rank-and-file staff. This finding supports the notion, often cited in specialist literature, that women in management adapt to ‘male’ thinking and conduct, whether knowingly or not, and internalize the values prevailing in a male-dominated labor market.

As certain public opinion surveys have shown, female managers are not universally accepted by the Czech public. The fact that Czech society still regards women in management as unusual may result in a greater likelihood of these managers encountering prejudice or discrimination. For this reason, it might be beneficial for female managers to assimilate behavior patterns typical for men in the same positions. This kind of behavior will more likely enable them to meet the general expectations associated with the role of manager.

One of the trends today is taking care to be sensitive when dealing with employees, but once again a good idea has been corrupted by political correctness run amok. Sensitivity didn't get the pyramids, or the transcontinental railroad, or Rome built. It wasn't sensitivity that beat the Kaiser, Hitler, and Saddam (twice). It was hard work, appropriate rewards, and a team effort.

Consideration Point Of Differences In Motivation Among Genders….. Motivation and achievement are concepts that are closely related. Motivation is the force that drives a person toward wanting to achieve certain goals and levels of excellence. Research into gender differences in motivation and achievement between males and females has been a common study by researchers and psychologists. These differences manifest themselves in different areas of life such as at work, in school and in extracurricular activities.


• Achievement-motivation theory relates to the desire to perform well in a certain area and to attain success. Different factors motivate people to achieve success. According to a survey carried out by the Czech-based Research Institute of Labor and Social Affairs, male and female workers have different motivations for good performance at work. The survey indicates a good basic salary and bonuses motivate males to perform well, while the...
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