Job Design & Reward Systems Influence Motivation

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How job design and reward systems can influence motivation
Employees are the most valuable asset to organizations. Employee's performance is the main factor in determining the organization's performance and ensuring the organization to run smoothly and successfully. In order to maintain a good employee's performance, an effective performance management is compulsory. The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between job design, rewarding system, and motivation.

Why do we work? It’s the most important question we have to ask ourselves. Most of us will have two answers either “we work because simply we have to” or “we work for money”. If we work because “we have to” so mangers should react with it by setting rewards and parchments for working hours and time to be at work and when to leave and make close supervising to minimizing any opportunity for shun there work. If the answer “we work for money” so managers should react with what satisfies the employees which is creating arrangements between the company and the employee as incentives for achieving targets but there is a question, why do volunteers work better than paid people? This also makes me realize that either we are working because we have to or working for money we have to understand more about personal motivation.

There are two main attributes plays the most important parts in influencing motivation Designing jobs that motivates people & enhancing the belief that desired rewards can be achieved.

Job design is simply trying to put the right employee at the right position where he knows the best.

Motivator – Hygiene Model
What makes an employee satisfied and what makes him dissatisfied. Motivator-Hygiene Model has been created shows the answers for this. Motivator Factors When an employee feels positive about his work this is may be because of taking delegations and if he do well it’s highly appreciated from the company, recognition or work itself makes him feel positive. All

these attributes are mostly intrinsic factors not related to the organization & highly depending on the employee himself. Hygiene factors Feeling safe in the company, stability, company policy, salary, working conditions & interpersonal relations. The absences of these factors are mostly related with negative feelings of individuals with the company they work for and the presence of it will not make them feel positive. They are mostly extrinsic factors or factors not related to the job itself more than it’s related the atmosphere of the job or the factors which are surrounding the job itself. Argument I somehow disagree with the model inventor in the Hygiene Factor in what he mentioned that “the absence of the extrinsic factors will make a negative feeling while the presence of it will not provide a positive feelings” since the Financial Crises, most of the large companies start restructuring there organization to adapt with the new situation they are facing and as a result of this restructuring it start firing thousands of employees to reduce expenditures so after it was a dream for anyone to work in a multinational company it become a nightmare for the employees as they are feeling that every new day they are threatened to be kicked off the company. My point is any employee having a good salary and feeling stable in the company he works for actually it’s a factor that makes him feel positive about the company he works for. It’s not any more a Hygiene factor only it’s also maybe a Motivator Factor as well. The model inventor claimed that the word satisfaction in work is not an opposite for the word dissatisfaction in work because the absence of what make me feeling positive (satisfied ) at work will not make me dissatisfied and vice versa i.e. Factors makes me feel positive is totally different than the factors make me feel negative.

Job Characteristics Model
Job characteristic model has implemented most of...
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