Interpersonal Communications

Topics: Communication, Graphic communication, Interpersonal communication Pages: 4 (1601 words) Published: November 4, 2013
I am currently a junior, and will be entering my senior year in the fall. Being that I am somewhat close to graduating, I have been lending a lot of thought to what position I am going to obtain when I leave school. Each position that I have considered calls for a multitude of interpersonal communication skills. While I have managed to mask my communication flaws in the past, this semester opened my eyes to the fact that I need to actively pursue improvement. With newfound awareness, I have begun to do so in my personal, school, and professional life. Today I am much more aware of my own communication habits than I was in the beginning of the semester. I make a conscious effort to work toward my goals to communicate with others objectively, empathetically, and with confidence. Throughout this interpersonal communications course, my ideas about communication have changed in a positive way. Before taking this course, I had a vague idea of what competent interpersonal communication entailed. However, I did not have a very good idea about how to achieve it, especially with my own weaknesses as obstacles. This communications course has given me insight into recognizing problematic communication as well as setting personal goals for improvement. A crucial understanding I came to during this semester was how vital interpersonal communication is in the workplace. Each goal that I have set for myself serves to prepare me for such interaction. There have been many instances when I have unfairly evaluated a person before becoming acquainted with them. In the past, my judgments have been positive, negative, correct, and incorrect. This is a very common communication obstacle, and for me, has often led to misunderstanding. This semester, Interpersonal Communications has brought this issue to my attention. Through my awareness, an important communication goal has emerged. My goal is to communicate without unfair bias. As I became aware of this goal, I began to ponder its...
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