Impact of Ict in Universities

Topics: Education, University, Student Pages: 2 (529 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Impact of technology on university student’s life and academic progress The world today is transforming into the age of technology. Well technology is the application of scientific knowledge of machineries and equipment to practical purposes. Everyone and everyone now depend on technology for the solution of their particular everyday problems and issues. Education is one of them who depend on the technology for the educating of students. Especially education levels from the secondary up to tertiary levels are involving it. But tertiary levels are positioning technology as a compliment for learning and it really had great impacts on university students. So the following down delineate what is the impact of technology on the university student lives and academic achievements. Firstly, technology used in schools is basically known as ICT (Information and Communication Technology) especially higher education sectors such as universities. Most universities use ICT as a basic component for lecturers and tutors to get information across to students and most importantly are how the students interact and get that information. Well, the students will be very interested…….. The fundamental skills of reading, writing, and arithmetic remain the cornerstones of schooling and students try to learn it fast. Students with routine access to technology learn these basic skills faster and better when they have a chance to practice them using technology. One of the reasons cited for this improvement is that students are engaged by the technology. As a result, they spend more time learning and practicing the basic tasks than students who approach the same tasks in a traditional paper-and-pencil manner. Students are more motivated to learn when technology is part of their daily school experience. Once students become familiar with technology, they quickly develop proficiency in its use. This opens up an exciting new world of learning possibilities for them, and that stimulates...
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