Human Relations Management and Motivation Theory

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Human Relations Management and Motivation Theory|
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Table of Contents
Introduction to EA Games4
EA Games Investment in Ireland5
Report on Human Resource Management and Motivation Theory in EA Games Inc.6
EA Benefits9
EA Actions10
Equal Employment Opportunities11
Confidentiality, Security & Protection of EA Games Intellectual Property11
External Communications12
Substance Abuse12
5.Performance Appraisal12
Methods of Personnel Appraisal13
Motivation Theories14
Job Content Factors14
Hygiene Factors (Negative)15
Theory X17
Theory Y17
Staff Development and Training18
Our Induction Process19
Primary Induction of EA Games19
2.Employee Evaluation20
EA Games Evaluation Process20
Characteristics of On-going Feedback25
Conclusion and Recommendations27


One of the greatest properties of service within organisations are its human resources, also one of the most vital and necessary tasks of management is to motivate their staff in order to improve its performance and achieve corporate success. (Redman and Wilkinson 2001, Hersey and Blanchard 1993, Mabey and Salaman1995).  It can be common to hear in most organisations, that a particular worker is not driven in their work, therefore his/her performance has been average or below average. This is one of the many reasons companies spend large amounts of time and funds in order to train, motivate and develop their staff performances.

To help understand the concept of HR development and motivation, I will investigate the EA Games organisation. This will include understanding of EA Games and the nature of their investment in Ireland. A target for this study is to identify the functions of the Human Resource Department and the application of Motivation Theories. In this study I will include an evaluation of staff development and training theory that can be considered for EA Games. I will conduct this project in report format naming myself as HR Manager, and address this report to the CEO.


Introduction to EA Games
Electronic Arts Inc. was founded by Trip Hawkins in May 1982 and was named as Amazin Software. The EA headquarters is located at Redwood city, California, USA and is one of the world’s leading development and publishers of software games. When the company started, they had an investment of $5 million from private investors and a team of just 11 people. Their first product was a software game for the Atari 800 game console which was released in May 1983. When the released a game for Apple 2 computer in 1984 named Sky Fox which became a huge hit for the organisation. Electronic Arts has four different brand names which include EA(TM), EA SPORTS(TM), EA SPORTS BIG(TM) and LOGO(TM). The company started their first Home Computer games in the early 90’s, and in 1992 they entered into the international market opening companies all over Europe, Canada and Japan. It increased sales in Japan by 120% when EA joined Japan’s victor musical industry in 1993. It was also in 1993 that EA Games joined with the technology company of 3DO, which led them to be the first company to introduce video games in a 3D format. As their success grew so did their enterprise and by early 2000 EA had become the third largest Game Publisher in the world. After being awarded Outstanding Achievement in Visual Engineering in 2004, Electronic Arts Inc. began to acquire stock in other game industries such as Black Box Games, Ubisofts, Namco Nandi Networks Europe and...

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