Hr Performance Issues and Motivation

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HR Performance Issues and Motivation

BUS 610: Organizational Behavior

HR Performance Issues and Motivation

Motivation and performance work hand in hand and so does the personal and professional aspects of life. There are many reasons that our personal lives can affect our professional life and hinder motivation which leads to issues of a lack of motivation and performance on the job. The purpose of this paper is to use the CANE Model to describe an external motivational problem in which goals are being hindered and to describe a plan of intervention or action that can change the motivational problem.

Life is full of challenges and sometimes those challenges can be a hindrance to achieving our goals. Our personal lives can affect our professional lives a great deal for those who do not know how to balance both. When one is happy with life outside of work one is typically happy at work. When one has personal struggles then work life becomes troubled as well. There are some things that have stronger effects than others but when life seems to get out of hand personally it effects work motivation. Baack (2012) tells us that “motivation is what starts, maintains, and stops behaviors” (Chapter 4). Steve who is a good friend was diagnosed with a chronic disease. He is also dealing with aging parents who demand a great deal of his time, and to top it all off he is also having financial issues. Because of these issues his performance at work was slipping and he just didn’t seem like he was committed to any of his tasks. Working in an environment where change is common he was no longer able to deal with change as effectively as he was before.

One of the factors that influence commitment is emotional issues or mood swings. Where positive emotions can boost commitment so goals are easily met negative emotions can decrease goal commitment (Clark, 1998, p.3). This factor was contributing a great deal as to why Steve suddenly was not meeting goals...

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