Hr Performance Issues and Motivation

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HR Performance Issues and Motivation
BUS610 Organizational Behavior
December 3, 2012

HR Performance Issues and Motivation
Motivation is a driving force that starts, maintains, and stops behaviors. A sense of achievement, recognition, enjoyment of the job, promotion opportunities, responsibility, and the chance for personal growth are many things that motivate employees. The style of management that is applied and to principles of positive or negative reinforcement is tied directly to employee motivation and performance. Individual goals are another important element of motivation in the workplace. Goal-setting theory offers the tools to design performance targets that motivate employees to achieve personal and organizational objectives (Baack, 2012). We establish goals to not only challenge or motivate ourselves but to achieve an outcome that would benefit us financially and emotionally. Several factors can lead to motivational problems that could hinder you from achieving your goal. Many key factors could help you overcome the hindrances and work towards obtaining that goal set. Problems

Physical problems, unresolved emotional issues, poor self-esteem are all internal problems that can affect work place motivation. Lack in challenges at work, insufficient positive feedback, interpersonal conflicts are some of the reasons for external problems that affect work place motivation. Health issues can give you a lack of motivation to attain your goals. There are health issues that stay dormant for a very long time and will pop up at the wrong time and destroy your chances of getting the position, career, and education you want. Recently, I was diagnosed with a problem that could take away my eyesight from my left eye. After going to school for four years trying to obtain my bachelor’s degree, I was at risk of losing it all. I immediately shut down and was no longer motivated to finish school and starting failing my classes. I was two classes away...

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