Herzberg's Theory of Motivation

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Herzberg’s Theory of Motivation

Frederick Herzberg performed studies to determine which factors in an employee’s work environment caused satisfaction or dissatisfaction. He published his findings in the 1959 book The Motivation To Work.

The studies included interviews in which employees were asked what pleased and displeased them about their work. Herzberg found that the factors causing job satisfaction were different from those causing job dissatisfaction. He developed the Motivation – Hygiene theory to explain these results. He called the satisfiers the motivators and the dissatisfiers the hygiene factor, using the term hygiene in the sense that they are considered maintenance factors that are necessary to avoid dissatisfaction but that by themselves do not provide satisfaction.

* Motivational Factors – Motivational Factors yield positive satisfaction. These factors are inherent to work. These motivate the employees for a superior performance. Employees find these factors intrinsically rewarding.

* Hygiene Factors - Job factors that are essential for existence of motivation at workplace. This doesn’t lead to positive satisfaction for long term. Hygiene factors are those factors which when adequate / reasonable in a job, pacify the employees and do not make the dissatisfied. These factors are extrinsic to work. Hygiene factors symbolized the physiological needs that the individuals wanted and expected to be fulfilled.

Top 6 factors causing dissatisfaction and top 6 causing satisfaction:

Recognition| Salary|
Responsibility| Relationship with the Boss|
Work itself| Relationship with peers|
Advancement| Supervision|
Growth| Work Conditions|

If the Motivation – Hygiene theory holds, management not must only provide hygiene factors to avoid employee...
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