Hca/250 Motivation and Organizational Culture

Topics: Management, Employment, Motivation Pages: 3 (761 words) Published: September 5, 2013
Motivation and Organizational Culture

Rebecca Perry


Miss Margaret Gocke

Motivation and Organizational Culture

The main goal of management and workplace psychology is to get their employees motivated in a positive way and make sure all employees are emotionally and mentally capable of handling the position or assignment they are hired to do. Mangers are leaders and should always set a good example in the workplace no matter what. However, Ayame’s background might affect the way she receives feedback because she comes from a country that does not agree with confrontation unless it is absolutely necessary. Therefore, Ayame is going to struggle getting feedback until she can fill her job requirements appropriately, because she disagrees with being argumentative to get a task completed. There are many motivational techniques that management could provide Ayame so that she can feel confident at her position and have more motivation to complete her job to the best of her ability. Management should play an enormous role in workplace psychology because it is management’s job to look out for their employees and make sure they are handling their job in a correct manner and that all employees meet the qualifications for each position. Management is constantly checking employees to assess their abilities and how they handle different situations in the workplace. Managers also should make sure their employees know that they can come to them anytime to discuss any issues they are having. The key to being a successful manager is to be professional, make sure your employees are happy, positive, and productive. So if a manager sees an employee struggling with something in the workplace or even something outside of work, management should pull that employee aside and try and help them as much as possible. Employees are assets in every organization or company, so it is extremely important that they are always motivated and working...

References: Martin, A. S. (2013). Proven Motivation Techniques to Boost Employee Performance. Retrieved from http://ezinearticles.com/?Proven-Motivation-Techniques-to-Boost-Employee-Performance&id=2375961
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