Group Motivation Inventory

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Group Motivation Inventory
In week four of this class the individual assignment is for the completion of a group motivation inventory. The purpose for this paper is to write about the following topics. What have I learned about myself going through this exercise, and how that knowledge will impact my interaction in a group. In this paper the author also looks at what will be done differently in future groups. The author will also identify things to do to be more motivated and the incentives that would help the author to be motivated when working in a group. Lastly, this paper will provide considerations that the author would have to make for group members differing motivators. While working on the Group Motivation Inventory, the author found that any weakness within a group does not have to be caused by a group member, but could occur by factors or effects of events external or internal to the group. The assessment used included questions that explored the author’s work ethic, quality of contribution, quantity of contribution, attitude toward members of the team. The job task at hand the quality and dedication shared with other team members. Finally, the assessment looked at the level of understanding and acceptance of the team’s diverseness. It is the author’s opinion that completion of this assessment will improve the group’s productivity and cohesion, setting the team up for success. Identifying and Discovery

Upon completion of the Group Motivation Inventory, areas of weakness and strengths became evident allowing the author and team members used in this profile to review the reasons the author received a moderate motivation score of 98. According to scoring key for this inventory a score between 76 and 99 represent a moderate level of motivation (Engleberg & Wynn, 2010). A moderate motivation level is one that is environmentally induced with personal negative motivators. Some of the environmental factors with a role in the author’s lack of...
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