Greedy Athletes

Topics: University, National Football League, American football Pages: 2 (628 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Why should college athletes receive extra benefits compared to any other college student? They might represent the school, but so do other college students. While you college athletes are thinking you should be paid to play have you guys thought of the consequences of what could happen? Playing a sport at a university is not considered a job, rather considered an opportunity to expand your dream to the National Football League. Why would college superstars argue about not getting paid while they have pretty much everything they dreamed for?

If you think about it college athletes are paid, “free tuition, free room and board, free athletic training, and enormous benefits with financial value” (Riely and Knobs). But why should they get paid to play? A college athlete complains a university raises tons according to “college athletic programs rake in millions from television and advertising contracts. They also bring in millions of dollars of donations from sports boosters” (Riffle) and “if educational institutions pay their players, the gap between major division one schools, whose athletic program can afford the large salries and tremendous benefits that the very best athletes demands, and mid-major teams who simply cannot complete in that arena will only widen” (Ramachandran).

At some colleges, college athletes are a key source of income, and they attract students to their institutions. Universities depend on their athletes to maintain the popularity of their schools name. The question to the college athletes is where would the money come from? Most athletic departments do not make a profit, “The money they would be using would be coming out of the university’s general funds, which would mean taking money away from academic scholarships, classroom resources, and professors’ salaries” (Bokshan). As a college athlete, you guys should be working hard to get the opportunity for the shot to the NFL instead of worry about money so much. Anyone would love to play on...
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