Going to College Is a Dream for Many People. Some Do the Work, Graduate, and Find Good Jobs. Other Students, However, Never Finish Their University Studies. Write an Essay About What Cause Students to Drop Out of College.

Topics: University, Vietnam, Cambodia Pages: 1 (336 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Many said that the best way to success is learning. It is the goal of many people. Most present day Viet Nam youths are trying to attend universities. After graduate, many of them get success in their life. But some of them have to drop out of college for many different reasons.

Unlike developed countries, which have education is available and free for everyone, tuition and others item of expenditure always are big problems to most Viet Nam’s students. Predominately they come from rural areas, where finding something to eat and wear is difficult, much less money for school fee. So to speak that when the parents know their sons or daughters pass university admission exam, the worry come immediately after the joy. As a result many students must gave up their wish when they stand on the threshold of university. Any case even were second-year or third -year students. This real situation has existed for a long time but it has no solution. It isn’t unique reason.

Another has an effect on students abandon their college that they are lack of energy. Like any way to success, learning requires a great deal of patience and hard working. It also includes difficulties in learning’s process and prevention from out side. Many students relinquish after few times study again. They were not trying hard and used to think it was out of their ability. In addition, they didn’t have timely advises. Instead of this, they were impacted by temptation of social ills such as gambling, game online, and drug. They count as things to reduce troubles. Unfortunately, the students couldn’t realize that they got the wrong way. Finally, they were incurred consequence, which they did.

People in a whole have target to tend to success. University is one of the most their opportunities. However, not everyone go to the end of the way, there are some case still relinquish in the middle. Two of the most reasons cause them are lack of money and energy.
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