God and Children

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Outcomes: 1. To welcome the students for the children's training. 2. Get to know each other in a fun way 3. Get to know more about their lecturers through testimony 4. Get to know more about the origin and strategy of the training 5. Gain a clear understanding of what is expected of them during the courseAids: * Map of Ghana * Clean sheet of paper for expectation at the end of this session * Washing pegs| Presentation:

1. Welcome all students and share something of your expectation and enthusiasm for the course in short. Welcome: I want to welcome each one of you. You came from different parts of Ghana, and God made it possible for you to come to this children's training. Very welcome! My expectations: I pray that each one of you, will enjoy this course and that it will change you life. Spiritually - To know God better and His Word. That you will understand children more and that you will have one desire - TO BLESS THE CHILDREN, that you will have one aim - TO REACH THE CHILDREN OF GHANA AND BEYOND, FOR GOD.

2. Use icebreaker games to help students to get to know each other’s names, and to create some kind of bonding. The following are some suggestions: Let's start by playing a few games:
2.1 Name-game: “I would like to introduce you to my friend…” 2.2 Names by signals: two teams – identify the person behind your back 2.3 Make two big circles (a big circle on the outside, and a small circle on the inside - the two circles must have the exact number of students), let the circles move in opposite directions while the music plays and when the music stops, you must share your answer of the following questions, with the person who stands opposite you in the other side: (after the students answered the question start again to play the music and stop again to answer another question) Here are the question you can ask and be free to make your own questions: The food I like the most is ...; My favourite colour is ...; The last time I was very happy was when ...; I get very angry when ...; If I could be any Bible character I would like to be ...; Something that makes me sad is ... If God would make an announcement to the world tomorrow it would be that ...; I feel sad when ...; I would like to be best friends to ...; If I could ask Jesus any questions, I would ask Him ... 2.4 Identify the other team’s hands

2.5 Putting washing pegs on the other team

3. Lecturers share about themselves/their testimonies in short. We are going now to share something about ourselves, so that you will know, who we are: My name is Andries van Rooyen. I'm a lecturer at Petra College in South Africa. I love my parents, and I have two sisters, - and I love them very much. I believe in Jesus Christ as my Saviour, I gave my life to God, when I was 17 years old. And he gave me the vision of reaching people who don't have the opportunity to hear the gospel.

4. Share how (who you represent) (Petra College) was started and spread to their part of the world. Share some interesting information on the location of the college etc. If possible, have some slides/photographs/PowerPoint presentation or video available. Petra College is in South Africa. Our college started in 1989, with a pastor, by the name of Johan du Preez. God gave him the vision to reach out to children more effectively and gave him the vision for children who don’t have the opportunity to hear the gospel in Africa and beyond. Today as College we have trained more than 3000 children’s workers. And as College we have one desire: that each child will be reached for Jesus Christ.

5. Allow students to write down and share in short what their expectation for the course is. This is who we are, and where we come from. Will each one stand up and tell the group your name, from what province and town you are, and why you are here for this training.

6. Share in short the strategy of training for their part of the world. Make sure they understand that...
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