Goal: Motivation and Introduction Paragraph

Topics: Motivation, Psychology, Intrinsic value Pages: 2 (561 words) Published: November 16, 2013
My learning goal is to learn how to write an introduction paragraph to grab my readers’ attention. Learning how to write an introduction paragraph is crucial. It is the first thing that draws in readers. Learning about self-motivation and DAAPS helped me to focus on a learning goal and achieve it.

To reach my goal I will have to self-motivate myself. The formula V X E = M is determined by value and expectation to reach motivation. Value is a person's principles or morals of behavior; one's judgment of what is essential in life. Value is determined on how much it means to achieve your goal. What would it cost to reach it? For me, it would cost time and dedication to learn how to write a better introduction paragraph. I am determined to set my mind to write better and will spend more of my time learning how.

Expectation is a strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future. We contemplate on your own abilities that we can achieve. What struggles happen that hinder reaching our goals, how do you overcome the struggles? My obstacles that I am facing is how do I learn how to write a better introduction and where do I learn this from. My expectation is to research my problem and how to face it and also use writing books. My value and expectation is the starting point of my motivation. I raised my value and expectation, so I can be motivated in reaching my goal. To be truly motivated I set up a DAAPS.

A DAAPS is an acronym that includes five qualities: date, achievable, personal, positive, and specific. A date is a deadline to you which you hold yourself too to accomplish your goal. Achievable means your goal being realistic and tangible to reach. Personal represents a connection and focus you have towards your goal. Being positive helps you rise to the occasion and tend to help keep you motivated. Lastly, specific means to revise your goal and focus on your goal and be detailed do not leave it in general form. An example is, “I want to...
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