First Year of College

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English 110
The First Year College Student

The first year of college can be a new and exciting adventure to many students. Students can also take on new experiences in there first year of college. College can also come with challenges along the way. Students must try to find a way to balance their new college life, and transitions. Students go through difficult transitions like adjusting to their new environment, trying to make new friends, and some may have academic difficulties.

Adapting to a unfamiliar environment can be overwhelming to some students. Students have to adjust to their new living arrangements, like living with a new roommate. Living with a roommate can be a great college experience. College brings a unique opportunity to meet new people from different cultures and backgrounds. Making new friends can help students adapt to their new environment.

Students sometimes are unsure how to make new friends their first year of college. The good news is... every freshman is in the same situation. Many students are anxious to meet new people, and to make new friends. Attending school events, starting up conversations, even asking about a home work assignment can be a great way to meet new people. Many student should have no problem making new friends their first year of college.

Students can become very over whelmed their first year of college. This may lead to different types of academic difficulties. Some students may face test anxiety, and difficulty concentrating. If a student feels over whelmed, they should meet with their advisor, or maybe seek tutoring by joining a study group. All students go through some academic difficulties, but they should always stay positive and seek the help they need.

Overall, students go trough significant changes their first year of college. These changes can help students learn responsibilities and gain independence. Students also have to adjust to their new college life. College is a great place...
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