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 CERTIFICATION The undersigned certifies that, he has read and hereby recommends for acceptance by the Institute of Adult Education. A research report entitled The Impact of Motivation on Teachers’ performance and the Academic Performance of students, in fulfillment of the requirements for The Bachelor Degree in Adult and Continuing Education of the Institute of Adult Education.

Mr. Lekule, A

Signature ……………………………….


I, David Kalonga, declare that this research report is my Original work and that it has not been presented and will not be presented to any other institution for a similar or any other award.

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This research report is copyright material protected under the Berne convention, the copyright Act 1999 and other enactments on intellectual property. Except for short extracts in fair dealings with an acknowledgement it may not be reproduced by any means without the written permission of the coordinator of studies on behalf of both the Author and the Institute of Adult Education. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Without the knowledge and inspirations accorded to me by the Almighty God, this work could not have been written. I owe special gratitude to my supervisor Mr. Lekule, Aristarick for accepting to supervise this study. I would like to thank all my lecturers especially Mr. Chaligha the coordinator of the course for his helpful lectures that helped me to realize my dreams. I would also want to thank my lovely wife Flora Nyambe, my son JamesClement, and my young brother Joseph Kalonga for devoting their precious time for me. I thank colleagues, classmates and Institute of Adult Education Students Organization for their contribution towards the completion of this study. I thank my employer Kigoma District Council, for accepting me to go for further studies. May the Almighty God reward all the acknowledged persons abund antly. The completion of this work has been a great contribution of the people whose advises and help have been a success to this work. So I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all people who in one way or another contributed to this research. My sincere appreciation should also be extended to my family, especially my father Mr. Kalonga C.L for his assistance in pursuing my Bachelor Degree course in Adult and Continuing Education at the Institute of Adult Education.

DEDICATION This study is dedicated to my beloved mother Late Margaret David Kahema and my lovely wife Flora David for caring and encouraging me in three years of this course. The study also is dedicated to my son Jamesclement who contributed much me to through joy and laughter for the completion of this course.


The purpose of this study was to invstigateThe Impact of Motivation on Teachers’ performance and the Academic Performance of students: A case study of Mchikichini secondary school, in Mchikichini ward, Ilala district in Dar es Salaam region. The study had 42 respondents. These include 20 teachers, 20 students, 1 district education officer of secondary school. Data were collected through available documents, questionnaire and interview. Data collected were translated into tables reflecting number and percentages. Teacher motivation has become an important issue given their responsibility to impart knowledge and skills to learners. The study revealed that there is a positive correlation was ascertained between the two variables. This means that high teacher morale would lead to high student achievement. The facts, displayed that presently at the researchers school, both teacher morale and...
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