Final: Motivation and Self-actualization B. Self-actualization

Topics: Motivation, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Abraham Maslow Pages: 9 (1695 words) Published: July 31, 2011
PSY 320: Human Motivation
Final Exam

Instructions: This exam contains 50 questions. Each question is worth ½ point. Please select the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. There is only one best answer although some answers may appear similar. Please make your choice by changing the font color of your answer for each question. Your choice must be clear. If no answer is marked, or if your choice is unclear, the qu estion will be marked as incorrect.

1. Characteristics of adult learners typically include all but which one of the following? a.have accumulated life experience
b.have established opinions, values, and beliefs
c.are intrinsically motivated
d.enjoy soda and chips
e.desire meaningful learning experiences

Please post your completed exam in the grade book as an attachment on or before the deadline indicated in the syllabus. Good luck! (

Multiple Choice
1. In the early 1900s, most psychologists believed that motivation was explained by… a.will power
c.environmental incentives
d.beliefs and expectations

2. John believes that women make better parents than men because women have an inborn tendency to "mother" children. John's statement would reflect which of the following theories of motivation? a.instinct

e.physiological determination

3. External stimuli or rewards which we desire and can motivate behavior are called… a.needs
d.peripheral cues
e.goal setting

4. A race car driver wants to win the prize money and feels as if the money is pulling him to win. Which of the following would explain this behavior? a.pleasure center theory
b.fixed action patterns
c.incentive theory
d.instinct theory
e.reward theory

5. Intrinsic motivation influences us to engage in behaviors that… a.obtain rewards or incentives important for survival
b.are personally rewarding
c.satisfy biological needs
d.are instinctual fixed action patterns
e.provide for our needs

6. Intrinsic is to ____ as extrinsic is to ____.
a.biological; psychological
b.instinct; social
c.biological; internal
d.internal; external
e.internal; outbound

7. Carl works hard to get A’s on his report card because his mother pays him 25 dollars. Carl's behavior is being influenced by… a.fixed action patterns
b.a hierarchy of needs
c.extrinsic motivation theory
e.classical conditioning

8. An incentive is ____, whereas needs are ____.
a.external; internal
b.a fixed action pattern; instinctual
c.a biological need; social needs
d.a safety need; self-actualization needs
e.complex; basic

9. Beliefs, expectations, and goals are important concepts in which of the following theories of motivation? a.instinct theory theory
d.cognitive theory
e.reward theory

10. Which of the following words best explains incentive theory of motivation? a.pulling us
b.pushing us
c.helping us
d.propelling us
e.providing for us

11. The key idea of Maslow's hierarchy of needs is that…
a.unless social needs like esteem are satisfied, one cannot deal effectively with biological needs like safety b.basic biological needs must be satisfied before higher social needs can be dealt with c.unless you achieve self-actualization, you are limiting your potential d.the lower needs are essential; the higher needs are incidental e.the stages do not need to be experienced in sequence

12. Arrange Maslow's needs in the correct ascending order (from lowest to highest). a.physiological, safety, belongingness, esteem, self-actualization b.self-actualization, physiological, esteem, belongingness, safety, esteem, physiological, self-actualization, belongingness d.belongingness, self-actualization, physiological, safety, esteem e.physiological, safety, belongingness,...
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