Factors Effecting Employee Motivation

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Factors Affecting Employee Motivation—What Management Needs To Know

Employee motivation plays a critical role in employee performance and productivity. There are many factors that can affect this motivation, both positively and negatively. The purpose of this paper is to explain in detail the underlined factors that affect motivation and to through research provide evidence that will support my belief in how more effective employees are if they have the right motivation to perform. Also showing how motivation can increase performance as well as overall productivity of employees. These things will be key in management and the way they motivate their employees.

Factors Affecting Employee Motivation—What Management Needs To Know Many companies don’t see the need to recognize the factors that affect the motivation of their employees. They look at the employees the same as just another tool in the tool box for completing the overall objective/product that their specific company creates. This paper will look specifically at what factors affect the employees’ motivation and how critical it can be for management to recognize these factors to ensure higher productivity, larger profits and a more loyal work force. First we will gain an insight on exactly what motivation is by obtaining a clear definition. Next, by identifying what the factors are that affect motivation we will be able to determine what can be done to ensure motivated employees. Finally through research we will examine the correlation between motivation and productivity, increased profits, and a much more loyal workforce. Through this essay and the research that has been accomplished we’ll discover how important it is to understand as a manager how to motivate as well as what it is that hinders the motivation of people. First you must have an understanding of what motivation is. Motivation is defined as the mental process that arouses an organism to action. In other words there must be something that gives you the drive to do the things that you do. For many people these drives can come from a multitude of different reasons and what drives each person is different. For some, it is as simple as being motivated for an incentive; others are motivated by inspiration or trust from their leadership, their strong belief in a product or organization or just from knowing where they stand within an organization. The reasons presented here are not all inclusive and there could be many more factors that affect employee motivation but through research I have found that these seem to be the most popular influencing factors. From the time that we are young to the point we are in well-established careers we have always been given incentives to do things. As a child you were probably told that with the right behavior you will be able to have a treat or get a toy. This is an incentive program that your parents may have used to condition you to behave the way they wanted you to. Whether you were given awards or treats, it taught you that if you behavior exhibits the desired result then you would get something you also desired. Now in adulthood and in your careers you are still given incentives to output the desired result. Your management uses the same concept to get their employees to perform to the way they want them to by using incentives. Sometimes for the right incentive we have even done things that we didn’t really want to do but there was something in it for us so we overcame our personal feelings or opinions and did it anyway. Incentives come in many different forms. The most common is monetary incentive. It is said that money is what makes the world go around. For many people this holds true today. People do many things for money and this is also why organizations use monetary incentives to motivate their employees. Monetary incentives can come in a couple of different forms; pay increase and bonuses. Both of these incentives work very well to motivate...
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