Factors Driving Employee Satisfaction and Motivation

Topics: Motivation, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Employment Pages: 9 (2343 words) Published: January 19, 2011
Factors Driving Employee Satisfaction and motivation
- study based on different industrial sectors

Shuchi Selot1, 2, Nidhi Puranik1, 2 and Hema Singh*, 2

Human Resource is the most crucial asset for any organization. Our objective is to determine various factors which play vital role in deriving Employee satisfaction. The study of "employee satisfaction" helps the company to maintain standards & increase productivity by motivating the employees so this study helps to know the working conditions & what factors affects them. Satisfied employees are also more likely to be creative and innovative and come up with a breakthrough that allows a company to grow and change positively with time and changing market conditions. Measurement of the performance indicators using various survey techniques enables to measure employee satisfaction. With reference to Herzberg’s –motivation hygiene theory and Maslow’s motivational theory of employee satisfaction, we consider the following variables: Supervision, Salary, Work conditions, Interpersonal Relationship (Boss, peers etc), Roles and Responsibility, Company policy, Commitment, and Communication etc. This study examines the causal relationship considering various factors pertaining to employee satisfaction. A sample is selected which includes employees from IT and Non-IT sector, belonging to both Junior and middle management level. The study is based on the various parameters like gender, IT/Non-IT at different levels of management that are focused in the region of Pune. The study involves proportional stratified sampling process which consists of (randomly selected) employees. Focus groups, employee’s interviews, literature reviews, and surveys were conducted. The filled questionnaires are evaluated using inferential statistics. Based on the results a comparative analysis of drivers of employee satisfaction across Gender, IT and Non-IT sector and various levels of management are derived. The above study will help the senior management reveal the important factors affecting the employee satisfaction directly and indirectly. This will provide an actionable for the senior management to develop the company policy which will eventually help in higher employee retention rates. 1Lecturer at Amity Global Business School, Pune

* Academic Coordinator at Amity Global Business School, Pune 2Pride Silicon Plaza, Ground Floor,106-A,S B Road, Near Chaturshringi Temple, Shivaji Nagar ,Pune-16,npuranik@pun.amity.edu


Although number of research work is done in the area of employee satisfaction, even then the rate of attrition is significantly high. In this study, we have tried to figure out various factors impacting employee satisfaction but the research is not generic. Our study is broadly divided into three parts: 1) Factors affecting employee satisfaction based on gender of the employees 2) Factors affecting employee satisfaction based on hierarchy of the employees 3) Factors affection employee satisfaction based on sector(IT/Non-IT)

Based on Herzberg motivation theory and Maslow’s needs theory, certain motivational factors (as stated in abstract) are derived which leads to employee satisfaction. Furthermore, employee satisfaction leads to organizational productivity.


Employee satisfaction can be defined as: an emotional response to tasks, leadership, peer relationships and organizational politics, as well as other physical and social conditions of the workplace (Stewart, 1998).

According to Locke (1976), employee’s satisfaction is one of the single most extensively researched topics of organizational psychology. Employee satisfaction has become one of the main corporate objectives in recent years (Stewart, 1996). Organizations cannot reach competitive levels of quality, either at a product level or a customer service level, if their personnel do not feel satisfied or do not identify with the company.

Employees that are satisfied...
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