Expected Values of Students at University of Phoenix

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Expected Values of students at University of Phoenix

Mark Johnson

University of Phoenix


For every goals in life, there are rules and guidelines that are expected to be followed in strict manners especially those who attend universities. Students at University of Phoenix are no exception. At University of Phoenix, codes of conduct is spelled out in the program handbook to inform the student bodies that they will reach their goal if they follow the codes in professional and strict manner at the same time respect the fellow students and faculties.

Expected Values of students at University of Phoenix
At University of Phoenix, there are set of codes, guidelines and policies in place to make sure that everyone going to the university has an equal opportunities to achieve their goals in professional environment. One of the section in the program handbook that deals with the way students are to be when in classroom or on campus is "Student's rights and responsibilities – Student code of conduct." In it there is a list of code to which a student or any member of University of Phoenix is to follow. For instance, not to be offensive to others, never to display specific action that could interfere with educational process, never to cheat, also never to copy others work or plagiarize just to name a few.(p. 30) By the very nature of codes of conduct, it is stated that if one follows each and every code they will be able to complete their goals successfully at University of Phoenix.

In addition, the program handbook deals with writings and presentation standards. Every students are to be expected to act and conduct themselves as a professionals in their study which implies that their classwork is also expected to be professionally constructed or written. In a master's program like MIS, writing paper is very much required but for the writings of the papers to be accepted they need to be written in a expected format and style. In particular, writing...

References: University of Phoenix. Student Handbook: Abridged Version. Retrieved May 8, 2007 from http://www.phoenix.edu/about_us/publications/Catalog2006-2007.pdf
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