expectancy theory of motivation

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Expectancy Theory of Motivation

The Expectancy Theory of Motivation is as a technique of motivation that looks at a way to motivate and engage an individual or group. If an individual or group is motivated to do a task it will show in their performance. Finding what motivates can lead to them putting in more effort which leads to batter performance which leads to the reward that motivated them in the beginning. There are three components or relations in the Expectancy theory of motivate; effort, performance and reward. Each components has a relation with another.

Effort is the amount of energy one put into something. The amount of effort an individual exerts into a task can vary for person to person. Motivating a person to show more effort in a task can sometimes be difficult.

Performance is an act of doing something. It is the action that comes for the effort that an individual gives to the task. The performance of the individual can be a good or bad depending on how motivated they are.

Reward can be defined as the act implemented to reinforce approved behavior. When an individual is rewarded for the expectation they are meeting they may work harder.

There is a relationship between these three components that if understood can help when trying to motivate and individual or a group.

Effort to performance, Performance to reward and reward to goal. When an individual or group is given a goal with a reward to at the end they reach to attain the goal.

When motivated the effort a person puts into a task can be great and the increased effort will lead to better performance. Better performance or increased performance happens when one efforts are exerted into the task they are performing. When ones performance is up due to the expectation of a great reward the task at hand gets done. When rewarded the personal goal of obtaining the reward is met.

The company in the scenario already offers a bonus program to motivate their employees....
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