Evaluation of Gujarat Technical University

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Gujarat Technological University
No.Gtu/Evaluation/July10/4564 Dt.29th July10

New Evaluation Scheme for various courses w.e.f from Academic Term 2010-11 Based upon the recommendations of the university committee meeting on 19th July,’10 and approval by Hon Vice-Chancellor, the following evaluation scheme is to be followed by the institutes affiliated to Gujarat Technological University from the academic term 2010-11.

[A] Bachelor of Engineering including PDDC and Diploma Engineering Including Hotel Management &Catering Technology: Courses University Theory Exam (E) Passing Marks 23 23 23 Mid-Semester Test (M) Max. Marks 30 30 30 Passing Marks 12 12 12 Practical/ Evaluation CEC Max. Marks 50 50 50 Continuous Component: (I) Passing Marks 25 25 25

Max. Marks 70 B.E Dip. Engg. 70 D.HM&CT 70

Note: The marks scored by a student in the Practical component/Continuous Evaluation Component (I) will not be counted for calculating SPI/CPI but it will convert into appropriate grade. However it will be reflected in SPI/CPI in the final year of the course where an external examination for the Practical

component/Continuous Evaluation Component (I) will be conducted. Diploma Pharmacy, Bachelor of Pharmacy and Master of Pharmacy: No change in earlier evaluation scheme and the detention rules published by university. [B] Master of Engineering (M.E): Course University Theory Exam(E) Max. Passing Marks Marks 70 35 M.E Mid-Semester Test (M) Max. Passing Marks Marks 30 15 University Practical/Vivo (E) Max. Passing Marks Marks 30 15 Practical/Vivo (I) Max. Passing Marks percentage 20 10

[C] Master of Computer Application (MCA): Courses University Theory Exam (E) Max. Passing Marks Marks 70 35 Mid-Semester Test (M) Max. Passing Marks Marks 30 15 Continuous Evaluation Component: CEC (I) Max. Marks Passing Marks 50 25


The list of activities that can be conducted under the CEC(I) is as follows: 1. Technical White Papers/ Posters on: - Topics on Emerging...
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