employees motivation and rendition

Topics: Motivation, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Employment Pages: 6 (1675 words) Published: December 19, 2013

Employee’s motivation and Organizational Success

An Undergraduate Thesis
Presented to the College of Business Administration
Davao Central College

In partial
Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Business Administration


Queenie A Gay
Rhodariza Solijon
Rachel V. Binghay

Background of the Study
In China, the promotion expectations of highly qualified Chinese employees are restricted by flat hierarchies and poor chances of permanent employment which western companies flexibly react to the needs of globalized market. This explains why motivational companies increasingly complain about unmotivated expenses and the loss of image which companies recently suffered in China.

In Philippines, particularly in Manila Gasoline station the manager most often hired undergraduate applicant as a contractual basis for the advantage of their company paying salary based on their performance level. That is why their employee cannot perform well because the company’s didn’t meet standard compensation.

In Davao City, specifically in Toril Department store, one of the concern of the employees is the low rate of salary aside from that, they have no assurance to become a regular employees, most of them, force themselves to work because they have no other option or vacancies that will fit to them, even if it is

not enough for them to satisfy their needs and wants, they are motivated to work because they need it to survive to their daily life. Statement of the problem
The study deals with the employee’s motivation and organizational success. Specifically, it aims to answer the following problems: 1 What is the level of employee’s motivation on terns of : 1.1 intrinsic rewards

1.2 extrinsic rewards
2 What is the level of organizational success?
3 Is there a significant relationship between employee’s motivation and organizational success? Hypothesis:
 H1: There is no significant relationship between employees’ motivation and organizational effectiveness. Review of Related and literature
Presented in this section are the related literature taken from books and internet which have some bearing to the recent study :

Motivation. Robbins (2005), motivation can be defined as the process that description for an individual’s strength, direction and determination efforts towards achieving a goal.
Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary stated that a motive is “something a need or desire that causes a person to act”. “Motivate, in turn, means “to provide with a motive,” and motivation is defined as “the act or process of motivating”. Consequently, motivation is the performance or procedure of presenting an intention that origin a person to capture some accomplishment.

Butkus & Green (1999), motivation is derived from the word “motivate”, means to move, push or influence to proceed for fulfilling a want.
Bartol and martin(1998) describe motivation as a power that strengthens behavior gives route to behavior and trigger to continue.
Porter and miles (1974) proved that the motivation boosts expresses and continues conduct . The motivation of an individual envelops all the motives for which he selects to operate in a definite approach (Lefter et al). In fact motivation inside another person’s head and heart” . Employee’s motivation. Rizwan(2010) stated that, financial, economic and human resources, the latest are more essential and have the capability to endow a company with competitive edge as compared to others.

Shadare (2009) defined that, employee motivation is one of the policies of managers to increase effectual job management amongst employees in organizations). A motivated employee is responsive of the definite goals and objectives he/she must achieve, therefore he/she directs its efforts in that direction.

Rutherford (1990) reported that motivation formulates an organization more successful because provoked employees are...
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