Employee Self Motivation Plan

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Employee Self-Motivation Action Plan
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Employee Self-Motivation Action Plan
Motivation is behind even the simplest of things we do, even if it is false motivation. If you break down the word motivation the key word here is motive thus meaning something that causes someone to act in a certain way. So whether you are typing out the last report of the day so you can clock out or mowing the lawn there is always a reason whether positive or negative, self-driven or forced, everything happens for a reason. The motivation strategy I have for accomplishing my goals rather at work, school or in life in general right now are mostly goal oriented. A goal oriented motivation strategy allows me to see a form of accomplishment for the efforts put in thus making it a higher priority to accomplish/achieve that particular milestone. A goal orientated motivation strategy can be broken into short term and long term goals for example: my short term goal at work is to reach lunch break and have so many routine duties accomplished by that time thus keeping me on schedule for my (long term) goal that is to clock out for the day on time. Those I consider short term goals in comparison to life goals such as to pay off debt and obtain a mortgage but yet the same goal oriented motivation is present. Maybe to better classify this as a self-determination theory where at work I motivate with short term goals and in life’s endeavors I am motivated by the long term goals. Although I tend to use a goal oriented strategy in my life, it is not always the best suited for all occasions of motivating myself. Sometimes there is no real obtainable goal or I may be forced to do something that I do not want to do because there is no real payoff in the end. In this case I tend to look at it like the sooner I complete the task at hand, the sooner I can stop performing the task. Other times at work where there is motivation to complete tasks to the best...
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