Employee Profile Motivation action Plan

Topics: Motivation, Management, Self-determination theory Pages: 3 (994 words) Published: October 31, 2013

Employee Profile: Motivation Action Plan
LaTonya Williams
Organizational Development MGT/311
October 24, 2013
Dr. Demond L. Spann

Motivation is giving somebody a reason or incentive to do something. It can be intrinsic or extrinsic. Intrinsic motivation is focused by an awareness or satisfaction in the task itself and usually occurs within the person rather than relying on external force. Extrinsic motivation is from outside the individual. Some common extrinsic motivators are rewards or punishments like evaluations or money, pressure, and threat of reprimand. The key to an organization’s success is the motivation of the staff. It is clear that organization’s need motivation plans that inspire, provide anticipated incentives, and keep the staff involved in the process and results of the plan. A successful leader needs to understand and be able to use the tool that motivates each member of their staff.

Yolanda is a strong employee who is overall satisfied with her job and has a self-awareness regarding her attitude, adaptability and ability to get a job done in a timely manner. Yolanda’s area of opportunity for growth is being able to stay focused on the tasks at hand. Motivational Strategy and Action Plan: When difficult goals are set and accepted by others, the results are in a much more productive environment. Through self-monitoring while making goals, individuals anticipate their achievement or disappointment based on capability, effort, or difficulty of the task. Relevant Theory: Goal Setting Theory is based on when the goals to be achieved are set at a higher standard, employees are motivated to achieve better results and put in use their best effort. It coincides with the idea of people believing that they are capable of accomplishing a hard task. An ideal goal should present a condition where the interval between the beginning of behavior and the end...

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