Employee Motivation Report

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Motivation Questionnaire
> Employee Motivation Report

Sample Report
Date: 12 August 2009

Employee Motivation Report
This report describes the factors that are likely to have an impact on Sample’s motivation at work. It provides a high level summary of Sample’s motivators and demotivators followed by more detailed information on what is likely to motivate and demotivate Sample at work including tips and suggestions on how to keep her motivated.

This report is based on Sample’s responses to the Motivation Questionnaire (MQ). The accuracy of this report depends on the frankness with which she answered the questions as well as her self-awareness. This report has a shelf-life of 18-24 months and should be treated confidentially. If there are major changes in Sample’s life or work she should complete the MQ again.

Sample’s key motivators and demotivators are summarised below in priority order. Typically, focusing on areas that are highly motivating or demotivating is most effective. To maximise the value of this information it is important to confirm with Sample what motivates her, and to discuss with her the impact of this in her current or future role.

Highly Motivating

Highly Demotivating

Personal Principles
Personal Growth

Moderately Motivating

Moderately Demotivating

Material Reward
Ease and Security
Commercial Outlook

Fear of Failure

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Employee Motivation Report

Sample Report: 12 August 2009
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Highly Motivating
The following are likely to highly motivate Sample:


Highly motivated by being given scope to organise own approach to work.

Likely Positives

Likely Negatives

Likely to be strongly motivated by opportunities to work

Likely to be very irritated by regular close

Being allowed to use initiative is likely to be very motivating

A lack of autonomy could prove to be very

Tips and suggestions on how to motivate Sample:

Check what constitutes autonomy for Sample

Try to take a relatively "hands off" approach to managing her

Set Sample's objectives and measures and then let her decide how to achieve them, as long as they meet the measures agreed

As far as practical, ensure that you allow Sample to structure her own approach to work

Be sensitive to Sample's need for empowerment and do not impose too many constraints

Ensure that Sample has the support, materials and means of communication to work independently. Jointly agree communication methods, styles and frequency

Personal Principles

Highly motivated by being able to uphold ideals and conform to high ethical and quality standards.

Likely Positives

Likely Negatives

Very likely to focus on producing work of a high standard

Probably very keen to see alignment between personal values
and those of the organisation

Is very likely to place a high value on the organisation working ethically

Being asked to compromise personal ethical
standards is highly likely to demotivate

Tips and suggestions on how to motivate Sample:

Check which ethical and quality standards are important to Sample

Check whether these are in line with the organisation's requirements and culture

Explore how the organisation's vision and values affect Sample and her work

Explore how Sample feels if asked to compromise her standards

Ensure you do not set resource or time constraints that are likely to require Sample to compromise her standards

Ensure that Sample does not place so much emphasis on quality that it impacts too much on her productivity or timescales

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Employee Motivation Report

Sample Report: 12 August 2009
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