Employee motivation in Apple corpotation

Topics: Motivation, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Steve Jobs Pages: 6 (2133 words) Published: January 16, 2014

This essay was written on Employee motivation in Apple company. I pointed out couple motivation theories that were developed in order to show people the ways of motivating. First and base theory is Maslow’s hierarchy pyramid then there are Equity theories and Two factor theory. The most popular and efficient motivation theory is goal seeking motivation theory. This theory was made in order to motivate staff to seek new opportunities how to solve a problems or reach their goals. In the second part I introduced the apple company and their motivation standards and behaviour. I applied the rest of theories that i picked for this essay and company. Some motivation strategies were already a part of this company but some were not. As far as some motivations are part of ourselves. How do we react and what do we do to make ourselves better. Apple Inc. is one of the most developing company in human resources and management.

In the first part of my essay I would like to point out couple theories that are often mentioned by many people as a main motivation at work. In second part I will apply theese mentioned theories to an Apple company in order to compare and evaulate the difference of their processing motivation standards and theories of employee and human motivation. Employee motivation is one of the main concernes of corporations theese days because of the main focus of employees on what can employer offer for my hard and efficient work. How do they motivate in order to reach higher standards and profits. What if I create a great added value for the company and they treat me the same without any bonus or raised wage? Same questions but in different ways has our future employer. Company theese days need mature, efficient, motivated and high-performance employees. Since the business has taken place on our planet. Came up a question? How do I motivate people? So now I am going to mention couple theories that are most likely often used by companies to motivate their employees. Motivation forces within the individual forces that account for the direction, level, and persistence of a person’s effort expended at work. Direction is the way where you channel your motivation. How do you apply the motivation. Then there is a level of motivation that meassures how much effort someone puts in motivating staff. Motivating persistence is the length of time a person or manager sticks with a given action. How long does it take to reach a goal. Types of motivation theories

Content theories
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory
Abraham Maslow first inctroduction of his theory took place in 1943 paper „A Theory of Human Motivation“. There are basically five levels of what humans need. Some are more important than others but basically follows a flow of certain needs that needs to be satisfied first before you can worry about other needs. The Maslow’s theory is often displayed as a Pyramid of needs. The bottom of the pyramid are the primary human needs (Psychological) such as breathing, eating, sleeping, drinking water, sexual needs. Second floor of the pyramid also known as secondary needs are safety needs which means security of our body, health, the family or our employment. Third floor is named Love or belonging this floor includes friendship, family and sexual intimacy. Fourth floor of pyramid is called Esteem it covers self esteem, confidence,achievemtn, respect of others. Fifth floor is self actualization, this top of the pyramid is made of morality, creativity,spontaneity,problem solving.

Another theory is Acquired need theory.
Need for achievement.
The desire to do something better or more efficiently, to solve problems, or to master complex tasks. Need for affiliation.
The desire to estamblish and maintain friendly and warm relations with others. Need for power.
The desire to control others, to influence their behaviour or to be responsible for others. Two factor theory also known as...
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