Employee Motivation

Topics: Motivation, Regulatory Focus Theory, Personality psychology Pages: 3 (1032 words) Published: September 29, 2013

Employee Motivation
What is motivation? Motivation is the internal and external factors that stimulates a desire and energy in a person to be continually interested and committed to a job, role, or to make an effort in attaining a goal. Why is Employee Motivation Important?

A motivated employee is a productive employee. A working employee is a beneficial employee. When a person is not motivated, they become less creative and less of an asset to the company. It is easier said than done but in today’s economy, a motivated workforce is essential. Subject

Crystal is an accounting administrator at Valley Hope Association, and a colleague. Crystal’s personality would be considered as an extraversion when looking at the “Big Five” personality traits. Being a very sociable person, she is constantly posting on facebook and texting on her personal cell phone. She is extremely talkative and sometimes disruptive to other members in the department. Being outgoing, she is sometimes bringing unnecessary information in to work. Crystal would be classified as enterprising if looking at “Holland’s Six Personality Types”. With prior experience at a branch bank, she tends to persuade co-workers and sell her ideas. She is very confident, ambitious, and energetic. How Do We Motivate Crystal?

As a manager, it is his/her job to make sure that employees are doing their jobs and in the most productive way. Crystal, like many employees, is not a machine programmed to do the job accurately. Crystal needs motivation, or guidance, to get set on the correct path. “Herzberg’s Two – Factor Theory” will be used when analyzing ways to motivate Crystal. Herzberg’s motivation – hygiene theory states that we should take care of the hygiene factors before providing motivation to employees. The manager must first set the platform properly. He/She will want to evaluate Crystal’s salary, the benefits she receives, and ensure that she is fit for the job. If there is an...

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