Effect of Motivation on Employees Productivity

Topics: Motivation, Management, Regulatory Focus Theory Pages: 7 (1784 words) Published: February 21, 2013

One of the most erratic of all available organizational resources is human. As a matter of fact, a major perplexing issue facing the Nigerian organization over the last few years is not that of retaining the workforce because they (the workers) want to leave voluntarily, rather, it is that of finding ways and means of retaining them because the opening environment makes it difficult to continue to keep employees beyond a certain maximum number.

Research reports has shown that employees motivation is essential in an organization as it is a key to a successful organization need for maintaining continuity and survival. Motivating the staff leads to broaden their skills to meet the organizational demands. The need for achievement always results in a desire for employees to do extra effort to have something done better and have the desire for success.

Motivation creates a productive employee who save time and effort. Thus, the motivated employee volunteers to do more than what is expected and more successful achievement than others. Such employee could be a good resource and a model to be followed by other staff and adds positive input to the work within the organization. Furthermore, it is not just the matter of how motivated the staff are, but also how prepared they are for the job. Good performance depends on whether the staff are able to do things or are willing to do things. The level of productivity depends on the level of motivation that stimulates someone to work and carryout necessary tasks to achieve the set goals.

Motivation is important in any workplace and it is personal and different for each employee. Motivation depends on different needs; different strategies will be created to satisfy these needs. The management have to learn to place the right person in the right place. A person should be given the role where they can use their skills and abilities and be concentrated towards the organization's goals and personal goals. Misplacements can cause dissatisfaction, less motivation, less concentration that leads to turnover and shortage of staff, commitment of mistakes and loss to the organization.

Several need and motivation theories have been discussed in the study to clarify what might affect the motivation. So, without motivation nothing unique will ever happen that allows the organization to specialize with its production. Quoting Charles de Gaulle , he said : "In order to become good in anything, the only talent you need is motivation" ...

Although there is general agreement among psychologists that man experiences a variety of needs, there is considerable disagreement as to what these needs are and their relative importance. There have been a number of attempts to present models of motivation which list a specific number of motivating needs, with the implication that these lists are all-inclusive and represent the total picture of needs. Unfortunately, each of these models has weaknesses and gaps, and we are still without a general theory of motivation.

All organisation are concerned with what should be done to achieve sustained high levels of performance through people. Consequently the subject of adequate motivation of workers as derived from the so many attempts made by management practitioner is to look for the best way to manage so as to accomplish an objective or mission with the least inputs of materials and human resources available.

A lot of theoretical concept, principles and techniques of management have evolved in response to these challenges. In general management authors have tended to view motivation as a key component of the managerial function of leading or directing. However, leading or leadership style, although an important factor in determining the attitude of employers toward assigned job responsibilities is not the only determinant, other managerial function such as planning, controlling, staffing and...
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