Education Paradigm

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Have you ever wondered why the system of education you follow hasn't ever been tailored to your learning? In "Education Paradigm" Sir Ken argues that our current system of education needs a fine tune or reform, and frankly it does. He argues that our old system of education conceived over 100 years ago is no longer applicable to our economy. He also disputes the fact that ADHD is a real disorder and that it affects our learning and creativity.

In the video, "Education Paradigm" one point that Sir Ken argues is that we need a reform in our education that tailors to the person at hand and not as a date of manufacture. In every school you see certain kids or even certain groups of kids that excel over others. Yet these kids are stuck in a certain school year filled with certain classes that they can't get ahead of, and on the flipside, there are students in higher years who don't have the knowledge or skill to succeed in the classes they're in, and therefore need classes that are tailored to them and their current skill at a subject. Above all I believe that a new method of education that caters to student's needs would be much more beneficial than simply grouping students by age group.

Another extremely good point that Sir Ken makes in his speech is the fact that he doesn't believe that ADHD is a true epidemic and rather a way to keep children calm and focused on the boring day of school they are put through. Sir Ken describes what the many medicines and treatments due to the children taking them. He basically concludes that the pills are very dangerous and, in an indirect way, finds them unnecessary. He speaks about a state of euphoria in which your senses are heightened due to you being truly interested in what you are doing, if the education system can replicate this euphoria to the students with ADHD, and students in general, maybe the pills wouldn't be that necessary or maybe eradicated from usage in general. Students would greatly benefit from being...
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