dropouts from universities in KZ

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The problems of dropouts from universities in Kazakhstan

Shakhnaz Zharylgassov
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I. Introduction
Thesis Statement: Increasing dropouts connected with financial situation of student and not appropriate education system, in this way the responsibility should be laid on the government and administrator of educational system. II. Background of problem:

A. Nowadays because of some problems in country and educational system many smart and worthy young people cannot receive appropriate education because of lack of scholarships. For many capable young people the chance to continue education are limited because there are not enough places in dormitories, and also due to the high cost of housing and education. B. Government, bad financial situation of families, educational system that using incorrect system of knowledge checking, universities administration. C. Our country losing well-educated young peoples. Nowadays lots of them working in non-appropriate places with low salary. III. Solution One

Topic sentence: UNT should be modernized. The problem of UNT is that students in the last grades do not learn, they preparing for testing, that is two different things that’s why not all of them ready to university education. Also universities administration should pay enough attention to students. A. Advantages:

1) Modernization would show real knowledge of students
2) It could prevent high dropouts rates and prepare students to university

B. Disadvantages:
1) It needs a lot of time and money to change system.
2) Very difficult to change all educational system.
3) It would be difficult to students to pass this exam

IV. Solution Two
Topic sentence: Government should make good education more financially available and increase amount of scholarships. Advantages:
1) More students from low-income families would have opportunity to study 2) Would be helpful to produce well-educated workers
3) It would be beneficial from economical side
A. Disadvantages:
1) It does not mean that dropout rate would decrease sharply 2) It is very expensive to government
V. Conclusion-Recommendation:

The problems of high dropouts from universities in Kazakhstan Have you ever thought what the main factor that evaluates all countries is? Of course it is the economic condition of country. But which exact factors can positively influence the economic position of each country? It is obvious that the basis of any country is closely related to its educational system. Any state tries to do that by virtue of their citizens to provide a decent education and give them a brighter future. Also students should study harder to get highly qualified education, to correspond to the world standards and to be competitive. These high expectations and complete changes cause waves of misunderstanding and fears. A change in a society provokes alternations in the universities. Earlier, students came to the university and got a degree that prepared them for a lifetime in a highly specialized job – this is how most people used to see the university. However, today the picture is changing. Students want to work and earn money at once. The time is changing and attitude toward education is changing too, because nowadays, students tend to dropout from the colleges. This tendency is becoming the most serious social problem all over the world. The issue is important because it represents one way to address the general problem of equity: How can we help to the vulnerable part of our society? From the beginning of existence of humanity learning and teaching have been going through the centuries hand by hand. Who could know that after long years people will be faced with serious problem when they willfully give up studying? Increasing dropouts connected with government and academic...

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