Diversity, Motivation, Teaching, and Learning Assignment

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Diversity, Motivation, Teaching and Learning Assignment
1. Attribution Theory
a. A body of research into the ways that students explain their success or failure, usually in terms of ability, effort, task difficulty, and luck. b. Mrs. Ortega said, “We can’t teach logarithms to illiterates.” She blamed the students for not being able to learn because they were at a 7th grade level and she couldn’t teach to them. c. Mrs. Ortega does not take things into her own hands and focus on finding different techniques to get the students to learn the material. She just gives up on them and blames them for not understanding because of their 7th grade levels. 2. Effects of Family

d. The way that an individual’s life is affected by their family and different home situations. e. In Lupe’s family, she had to make her father lunch, take care of the kids and do all of the housework while her parents were gone. Then when her mother came home from work, she made Lupe turns the lights off because she was tired and Lupe was unable to finish her homework. f. Lupe’s family had a negative effect on her, and put a lot of pressure on her as a child. Her parents were not concerned about her schoolwork and just made sure she took care of the other kids and did everything around the house. 3. Effects of Peers

g. The way an individual’s life is affected from the influence of their friends, teachers or classmates. h. Angel asked Mr. Escalante if he could have two different sets up books for class so he did not have to carry them around and have his friends see him carrying books. i. Angel is afraid that his “boys” are going to make fun of him when they see him with books, so his peers play a major role inside and outside of school. 4. Effects of Social Economic Status

j. A quantifiable level of social standing, determined by the federal government on the basis of a person’s income, occupation, and education. k. When Angel took his grandmother to the doctors, he had to wait in the long line because he did not have the insurance or anything to cover for it. l. This shows that Angel was not from a very supporting family and he did not have the proper economic status to be seen by the doctors right away. 5. Extrinsic Motivation

m. A form of incentive based on a system of rewards not inherent in a particular activity. n. Each of the students took the AP test because they bought in to what Mr. Escalante was saying and realized they could get college credit for passing. o. This is an example because the students participated and wanted to learn calculus so they could take the AP test and earn college credit. 6. Failure Syndrome

p. Students who approach assignments with very low expectations of success and who tend to give up at early signs of difficulty. q. Frank always complained that he was the dumbest in the class and did not have very high expectations to do the math homework and tests. r. Frank had a low self-esteem along with low expectations to succeed in Mr. Escalante’s class. 7. Helpless Orientation

s. Having the mindset that you are unable to complete a task without the proper help necessary during certain situations. t. Mrs. Ortega had the mindset that Mr. Escalante would not be able to teach the students calculus because of their low levels of understanding. u. Mrs. Ortega starts off right away with a negative attitude and does not even give Mr. Escalante a chance to succeed in the classroom. 8. Hierarchy of Needs

v. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs which is in the form of a pyramid and says that the lowest levels are the most basic needs and they get more complex as the pyramid moves up. w. Mr. Escalante provides the class with oranges to satisfy their basic needs when taking the summer classes in the hot locker room. x. Mr. Escalante is starting at the bottom of the...
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